I picked up this Homedics Air Compression Back Stretching Mat ( ) at Costco for $149.

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I wanted to decompress the pressure on my back after a long work day. I normally do a brisk fitness workout after work to stretch. Usually sleeping would decompress some pressure, however it was not enough. I was thinking of getting an inversion table ( ) to hang from but didn’t have the space to store it, nor did I like hanging upside down.

Here is my quick review after using this for over 7 days every night.


  • Convienent and easy to use, just plug in, lie down and use.
  • Space saving folds in half to store. Light weight.
  • 3 levels of intensity
  • 4 programs, each last about 15 minutes
  • I feel more relaxed after using it.


The instruction manual is pretty worthless on how to use other than telling you to plug it in and not use more than 15 minutes at a time.

If you are short (under 5 feet), you need to experiment on where you position your overall body.

The decompressor only has 4 programs, which is simple and pretty much all I need, however it is very repetitive. Of the 4 programs, only 2 was effective for me.

It would have been good if there were heat elements to pre-heat and relax my muscles prior to the decompression motions.

Tips on how to use:

  • I either do a brief 10 minute stretching and aerobic workout or a hot shower to relax the muscles prior to using the decompressor. There are no heat elements on the decompressor.
  • I started with the lowest in the beginning and worked up to the higher levels over several days. I do only 15 minutes a day. Over a week of use and getting my body used to it, I extended it to 2 program sessions to relax.
  • I had to experiment on which position works the best in low intensity mode.

Is it Worth it?

Overall it doesn’t replace a trip to the Chiropractor or skilled massage therapist, but its works for me to relieve a tired back, especially when I can use it every day if I wanted to. It brings good value and definitely worth it for me.

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