BEST Metal Cell Phone Mount – Ulanzi ST-03 – unbox and review

Awesome Cell Phone Mount – Ulanzi ST-03 – unbox and review. I got this on Amazon ( ) for about $20. It took 2 weeks to ship from China / Korea but i think it was worth the wait. This study all metal arca-style quick release plate fits my Samsung S8 , Note , and iPhone well with its metal feet and rubber contacts. The smart phone mount folds flat for storage and folds out for use. All the parts are light weight aluminum alloy, except the tightening screw. The main issue is the hidden cold shoe, which does not have enough space for my light or flashes due to the screw in the back. Any hoo, enjoy I plan on using this new tool along with the Ulanzi ST01. thanks for watching – please like and subscribe! Sterling!

Amazon Key – How I will use it and keep my house is safe. :)

I think Amazon Key is AWESOME! I plan to get Amazon Key so i dont have to worry about my packages getting lost or stolen. There has been more thefts of packages in my area as more packages are just left on the door or on the porch. I am glad Amazon made Amazon Key and will release it on November 8th. The fear i have is that the i am giving access to a stranger into my home. As an alternate solution, i plan to install Amazon Key on my shed next to my house. That way it would act as a big item drop off locker!!!!
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Kwikset Convert Smart Lock Conversion Kit (Amazon Key Edition):

Amazon Security Cloud Cam:

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