NEW Gamo Swarm Maxxim 10x Quick Shot Air Rifle – UNBOXING!!!

I saw this Gamo Swarm air rifle at my local sporting goods store but they were out of stock. So i ordered it from Amazon ( ) for about $180, with an additional $30 manufacturer’s rebate!!! The neat feature about this rifle is the rotary 10 shot magazine loader every time you cock the rifle for air. No need to fumble with a pellet pen or touch the pellets with your fingers. It also has a built in suppressor, uses a inert gas piston (instead of a metal spring), a adjustable light trigger, good grip, and scope with a recoil mount! I cant wait to test shoot it. This is just a unboxing. Note air guns are not toys and are meant for 16+ or adults. Any hoo you can get this at Amazon in .22 and .177 caliber sizes, along with extra magazines.

Links to the stuff i got below:
Gamo SWARM Maxxim Air Rifle:
Gamo SWARM 10X QUICK-SHOT Magazine :

Gamo Performance Airgun Pellets:

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How to Protect my new Samsung S8 – IQ Shield ($8) and TILL S8 Case ($8) Reviewed!!!

hey guys this is a quick video review of my new Samsung S8 accessory case and IQ Shield Screen protector i put on last night.

The IQ shield is a a film that goes over the face of the S8 to protect it from scratches. The TILL S8 Case is the cheapest case i can find on Amazon after seeing it costs $40+ for a Otterbox or similar case now. Links are below for the items if you want to read over reviews:

TILL Hybrid Armor Defender Protective Case

IQ Shield Screen Protector:

Otterbox Cases:

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