Chevy Volt Vlog #69: DIY Folding Cargo Shelf and Cargo Liner!!!

Hey 2016-2019 Chevy Volt Owners!  I made a purpose built folding hard surface  cargo for my Chevy Volt after a break in over Thanks Giving.

As a result of all the glass clean up and theft, I decided to add a cargo liner to my 2017 Volt and a Folding Hard Cargo Shelf specifically for my road trips and outings.  I needed it to be light enough so it can sit on top of the fabric cargo cover, yet hard so that a smash and grab cant go past the hard surface.

Cargo Liner:
The cargo liner was simple. I loved my Husky floor liners

I was going to buy the cargo mat version, but found my old cargo liner in the garage.   I took my old 2008 Honda Civic Liner and cut it into the shape of my 2017 Chevy Volt! REUSE rather than  RECYCLE!  I just needed to cut a hole for the spare tire I installed.  I got mine off of Amazon.

Chevy Volt Husky Liners ( 2016-19) :
Chevy Volt (2016-19) Cargo Liner : 


(Quick Disclaimer:   This is how I do it for entertainment. So if you do modify your own car, you do it at your  own risk. You should  bring it to an automotive aftermarket professional to make a solution for you.   I made this purpose built folding cargo cover for my own use and just sharing how i did it.  This information is for entertainment only. )  

Material Lists: 

  1. 2x  Coroplast Plastic Sheets (24in x 36in) : 
  2. 8x Zip ties (i used 10 inches) :
  3. 2x  7/16″ Round Spring Tension Rod, 28-48 inch
  4. 4x packs of Velcro Strips :
  5. Duct tape or fabric tape for the cloth: 
  6. Measuring tape:
  7. Utility Scissors:
  8. 3 feet of ParaCord or string for cover lift: 
  9. Black fabric cloth: 

For the folding hard cargo cover, I tried multiple material and realized i should just use something I can easily cut and was very lightweight.  I bought a few sheets of coroplast corrugated plastic signage sheets.   I measured the distances from the back of the seats to the end of the trunk.  Essentially i just cut off the corners of the two pieces and made fit adjustments. The cargo area tapers to the end of the vehicle so rather than using another board, I decided to use zip ties to make a large binder.  This allows the two boards to fold and velcro  onto each other for storage.

I made two coroplast hinges and put a LOT of velcro on each side so it will grab the fabric from the rear seats and the velcro placed under the shelf.  This not only holds up the shelf but will be very difficult to lift from the seats.  🙂  I basically used up all 4 packs of velcro on the backing.  I placed the two hinges about 2 inches below the rear seats, as that’s where the seats are backed by hard structure.  I didnt want to go anywhere close to the top inch of the seats in case the cargo cover came loose.

I bought two 7/16″ round spring tension rods to use as the shelf hardware when i need to use the shelf as a table during camping. When i need the hard table, i take off the OEM fabric cover hooks and put the tension rods in the holes.  I store the rods next to my umbrella and hiking stick when not in use.   DO NOT DRIVE WITH THE RODS INSTALLED .  It may be very dangerous if those rods start flying. 

To keep the cargo cover up.  I tied some paracord to a clip and made a knot on the other end to loop onto the  hatch shock mounts.  I added some velcro to the string to velcro it down to the cover when not in use.

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This is how i do it for entertainment, do so at your own risk or bring it to an auto repair shop . Thanks for watching.
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