Costco! Type-S Lithium Jump Starter and Powerbank! $59!!!

Costco has the  mah Powerbank for  $59!!!  There are other car jump starter power bank combos on sale on line: with larger capacities .

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Costco! Khombu Men’s Leather Hiker Boot! $24!!!

Costco has the new Khombu Men’s Leather Hiker Boot for $24!  There are other varieties of  Khombu shoes sale online:   This boot is water resistant, has a memory foam sole, and has a suede leather upper.  It comes in black and gray.

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Costco! Gourmia 5 Qt Digital Air Fryer! $49!!!

Costco has the Gourmia 5 Quart Digital Air Fryer for $49! This is considerately more affordable than other air fryers onsale online:

In the past Costco carried Phillips and Black and Decker brands of air fryers.

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Costco! 46 Inch Wine Glass! $79!!!

Costco has a 46 Inch Wine Glass  made for home or business decoration  for $79!!! I could see this in home staging or as a really elegant home decor piece. Comparable would be large room vases: 
or a reseller:
or from Costco directly : 


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Costco! Elite Discovery 3300 Metal Detector! $99!!!

Costco has the  First Texas Products Elite  Discovery 3300 Metal Detector for $99!!! There are other metal detectors online:

It seems like a good value when compared to other metal detectors online..

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Costco! Capstone LED Indoor/outdoor Motion Sensor Lights! 3 Pack! $19!!!

Costco has the Capstone LED Indoor/outdoor Motion Sensor Lights which are battery operated with 3 AAs and come in a 3 pack for $19!  Other similar battery and solar walkway lights are also online: 

The design is more modern and it has multiple modes for brightness adjustment.  There is a light sensor and a motion sensor on each unit.

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Costco! Circulon Premier Pro 13 Piece Cookware Set! $199! Now $149!!!

Costco has the Circulon Premier Professional 13-piece Hard-anodized Cookware Set for $149!!! Normally it sells for about $199!  Its also online along with other cookware sets:

This 13 piece set is bronze, non-stick, with glass  lids, silicone handles, and is dishwasher safe!

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Deadpool 2! w/ Book – Target Exclusive UNBOXING!!!

I bought Deadpool 2  Target Exclusive Edition with the not suitable for kids book and I am going to do a quick unboxing and reveal of the artwork inside the book.

You can still get Deadpool 2 super duper edition online :   but the Target exclusive may be one of a kind and very collectible.  I got the last one in all of 3 stores in my area in LA!!!

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Costco! Capresso GLASS Electric Tea Kettle! $39 NOW $19!!!

Costco has the elegant Capresso GLASS Electric Tea Kettle for $39 and now its $19!!!  There are other glass electric kettles online: .  Most of them are about $30 to $40 so this is an awesome deal.   I still have my Hamilton electric kettle that i bought for about $20:

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Costco! Reebok Men’s CXT TR Athletic Shoes! $24!!!

Costco has the Reebok Men’s CXT TR Athletic Shoes on sale for $24!!! These normally sell for $60 to $70 online: .  They only have white / navy and black w/ red logo styles. Still these are stylish cross trainers or urban street shoes!

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