Trying out 3 Steering Wheel Covers on my Honda! Review ($15-$20)

Steering Wheel Cover Review ($15-$20) – I bought 3 steering wheel covers for my 2018 Honda Clarity and Accord in different styles ( ) to try out. Of all my Honda’s I found that the Clarity’s steering wheel was harder and colder during my morning drives. I was wearing gloves to void touching the cold steering wheel. So I decided to go shopping for a good steering wheel cover that was soft and insulated me from the cold.

I first bought a $12 Walmart Auto Drive Steering wheel cover for 14-15 inch steering, however while it looked good, it was too big for my Honda steering wheel. It had extras space on the sides of the wheel and was not snug.
The other two universal 15 inche wheel covers were off of Amazon. SEG Direct microfiber leather steering wheel cover ( ) which was very popular $16 with a lot of reviews and a textured surface. SHIAWASENA Steering wheel cover $16
( ) which had a smooth surface and patterned with red stitching. Both of these steering wheel covers did not feel like real leather, even though the description said “genuine leather” . Both installation of these covers were a little more difficult than the one purchased at Walmart. Tight fitting and no slip, they did not have any gap after the install. The only gripe is the packaging crease on the covers. With the bend shipping, the creases showed on the material. More so on the SEG brand with multiple bends in packaging. For my 2018 Honda Clarity, both 15 inch covers fit perfectly. Only time will tell whether the material will be durable in the sun and car heat. I kept the SHIAWASENA one on my Clarity and may return the SEG cover as I wanted a smooth feel.

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