Costco! Battery Tender 6/12 Volt Battery Charger / Maintainer 3A! $29!!!

Costco has Battery Tender – Battery 6/12 volt Charger / Maintainer 3A for $27!!! Different varieties of Battery Tenders are sold online: .

I typically either disconnect my car battery on the cars i dont drive very often. however with more cars relying on power door locks and hidden driver keys. It may be easier to just keep the car battery charged every 2 weeks of none use.

I use these to keep my other cars which are parked for a long period of time. For my Honda Accord and Dodge Cargo Van, I connect the leave the 3 amp Battery Tender on over the weekend and swap cars every week.  This keeps the cars 12 volt battery from failing and the cars are ready to drive if needed.

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Costco! Puma Sunglasses – Grey Polarized Lens! $29!!!

Costco has Puma Polarized Sunglasses in gray lens for $29!!! There are other varieties of polarized sunglasses online : .
It seems like Costco has their own Kirkland brand of polarized lens sunglasses at a similar price.

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Costco! Champion Polarized Sunglasses! $25!!!

Costco has a pair of Champion multi-layer polarized sunglasses for $25! There are other similar Champion polarized sunglasses on sale online:

I have been searching for a new pair of polarized sunglasses and saw this Champion Polarized sunglasses on sale at Costco. Normally I buy impact resistant hunting or professional work safety sunglasses like Johnson Safety polarized Nemesis ( https://amz ).

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