Costco! Battery Tender 6/12 Volt Battery Charger / Maintainer 3A! $29!!!

Costco has Battery Tender – Battery 6/12 volt Charger / Maintainer 3A for $27!!! Different varieties of Battery Tenders are sold online: .

I typically either disconnect my car battery on the cars i dont drive very often. however with more cars relying on power door locks and hidden driver keys. It may be easier to just keep the car battery charged every 2 weeks of none use.

I use these to keep my other cars which are parked for a long period of time. For my Honda Accord and Dodge Cargo Van, I connect the leave the 3 amp Battery Tender on over the weekend and swap cars every week.  This keeps the cars 12 volt battery from failing and the cars are ready to drive if needed.

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Costco! Puma Sunglasses – Grey Polarized Lens! $29!!!

Costco has Puma Polarized Sunglasses in gray lens for $29!!! There are other varieties of polarized sunglasses online : .
It seems like Costco has their own Kirkland brand of polarized lens sunglasses at a similar price.

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Costco! Champion Polarized Sunglasses! $25!!!

Costco has a pair of Champion multi-layer polarized sunglasses for $25! There are other similar Champion polarized sunglasses on sale online:

I have been searching for a new pair of polarized sunglasses and saw this Champion Polarized sunglasses on sale at Costco. Normally I buy impact resistant hunting or professional work safety sunglasses like Johnson Safety polarized Nemesis ( https://amz ).

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Costco! Gourmet Basics – Ferme 4 Tier Market Basket! $39! ($31!!!)

Costco has the Gourmet Basics (by Mikasa) a 4 Tier market basket for  $39! or $31 on instant savings!  There are similar 4 tiered market baskets on sale for about $60 with different selections: ( ).

Each of the baskets are removable. The stand and the rack are painted black.

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Costco! Chrome Under Counter Sliding Basket / Organizer! $19!!!

Costco has the Richelieu Under Counter Sliding Basket  Organizer for $19! There are other under counter sliding baskets online : )  with different designed and storage varieties.

I like how its made of chrome and can be placed on their side of the cabinet to accommodate the plumbing.  I also like that the top shelf is narrow for that reason.

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Costco! Cuispro Fat Separator and Baster! $19!!!

Costco has this interesting Cuispro Fat Separator and Baster for $19!!! It and similar fat separators are also sold online ( ) for about $25 to $30.

I like the ability to defat stocks and pan juices by  separating the oil and fat stocks. The top part of this fat separator has a strainer. There is a drain  on the bottom of the container to separate the broth, while the fat and oil floats on top.    This one also comes with a baster!

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Costco! Sabatier 5 Piece Stainless Steel Kitchen Gadget Set! $19!!!

Costco has Sabatier 5 Piece Stainless Steel Kitchen Gadget Set for $19! There are more varieties of stainless steel kitchen gadget sets online ( ).

This set would be good to keep your kitchen styled the same if guests arrive or if you want to upgrade your kitchenware. Comes with stainless steel handled: whisk, ice cream scoop, pizza cutter, euro peeler, and silicone spatula.

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Costco! Trudeau Lotus 10″ Salt and Pepper Mill Set! $17!!!

Costco has the Trudeau Lotus 10″ Salt and Pepper Mill Set for $17!  There are other Pink Himalayan salt and black pepper grinder  styles available online: .

This salt and pepper mill set is made of stainless steel and glass. It is filled with Pink Himalayan salt and black pepper.   The grinder setting is adjustable.

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Costco! Ciao Convertible Underseat Carry-on! $29!!!

Costco has the Ciao Convertible Underseat Carry-on for $29! This luggage converts from a 13.5 inch underseat carry-on to a 22 inch carry-on.  There are other expanding underseat carry-on luggage on sale online: .

It has built in wheels and extending handles for easy wheeling.  The expansion compartment can be open to the the main storage area.  The luggage has ample pockets and organization pockets. Its good for a over night business trip baggage that can be stowed underneath an airplane seat for easy travel and seating in an otherwise congested airplane filled with large 22 inch rollers.

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Make my Shoes Water Repellent!!! Testing Fabric Protector Spray!

So I love washing my car, going on hikes, and walking in the rain, however my some of my every day shoes are mesh topped.  They soak up water like a sponge.  I wanted to make them water repellent yet highly breathable.  I bought a few cans of water repellent fabric protector to experiment ( )!

This is an experiment, not a DIY.  If you plan to use this info, use at your own risk.

I bought a few cans of water repellent fabric protector spray  Scotchgard Water and Sun ( ).    There are other types of Scotchgard that may be better ( ).   The Water and Sun fabric spray was meant for patio and pool furniture and outdoor fabric.  I figured it was probably ok to test this on a pair of old mesh hiking shoes.

I gave the shoes a quick wash the day before and let them dry.  Then I took them out for spraying.  I read the Scotchgard Water and Sun instructions, shock the can, and gave my shoes a single coat of fabric protector.

The fabric protector did darken my shoes suede leather and mesh fabric.  More over also repelled spilled on water.  However it was not water proof.  It the impact or pressure of the water hit the mesh fabric hard enough, water still soaked into the shoe.

Overall it was a fun and educational experiment. I plan to add a second coat to see if its more effective. However, with one coat it is already quite water repellent and useful!

Thanks for watching!

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