Costco! CAT LED Work Lights 2pk! $14.97!!! – Unbox / Review

I picked up at Costco the CAT LED Work Lights 2pk for  $14.97!  These  mini work lights run on AA batteries and are pretty bright and are set at a wide angle of lighting. The lighting is bright and harsh.  They have them online as well: 

Pros: Rugged, light weight, self standing, weather resistant, magnetic
Cons: not waterproof, only ON and OFF,  Instructions says there is a 500 /  250 lumen settings however it only turns on at 500 lumens.

Good value for portable battery powered work lights.  Maybe good for  background accent lighting during video shoots or photography

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Costco! Seagate 6 TB External Hard Drive with USB 3 HUB! $109!!! (UNBOXING)

Sweet I saw this Seagate 6 TB External Hard Drive with USB 3 HUB for $109 today and bought it.  Online is about the same retail price: .

I needed to archive the thousands of photos and videos off my phone and laptop and find it easier to use a USB 3 cable when downloading massive amount of data off the phone.  The OTG to a 256 GB Sandisk flash drive:   is convenient on the road, however it is slow and still needs to be stored to a external hard drive.  Not i can transfer directly from the Samsung S8 phone and the San Disk 256 GB flash drive.

Glad they had it at $20 off!

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Chevy Volt Vlog #67 – 50,500 Miles – TIRE MPG HIT, Air Filter, and Cargo LIGHT !

So it s 50,500 miles and about 2 years of owning my 2017 Chevy Volt.  At 48,000 miles I change out Michelin Energy Saver tires which gave me 54 to 63 EV miles per full charge, to Bridgestone Serenity Plus  Grand touring tires.

I love the Serenity Plus tires. With great road manners and cornering, never squealed during hard acceleration or turns especially with the great torque of the Volt’s motor.  However, the mileage efficiency  hit was about 10-15% of my EV range (46-48 EV miles at full charge)  my MPG hit using gas went from 42 MPG to about 35-38 MPG.  It may be the increased weight of the tires (25 lbs versus 21 lbs) , thread pattern and the great grip of the tires as  my Chevy computer showed my “Terrain Score” was -4.5 to -3.5. With the hot California weather at 90-100 degrees, i have been using air conditioning that also impacted mileage efficiency.

After 2,000 miles with the Serenity Plus I replaced them  back to Michelin  Energy Savers. I would have gone with Bridgestone Ecopia EP422, however they needed to be special order and was not available at the time.  I would expect that the Ecopia EP422 would probably have similar efficiencies as the Energy Savers.   I will never know.  I would have love to tried out those tires!

With the Energy Savers, my Terrain score increased to – 1.8 to – 1.4 and my EV range grew back to 52 miles at full charge during the first two days of driving. NICE i got back my miles!

Of course, I do not like returning perfectly good tires.  That why i am posting this video and results:


Tires aside,  the 50,500 miles, 25,000 miles are ICE / GAS miles. Checking the air filter its barely dirty.  I did buy one :  ready for the replacement.

For my hatch i needed more light beside the weak light on the hatch, so I added a battery operated LED light and attached it with Velcro.  Simple solution.  CAT small LED lights:

This is how i do it for entertainment, do so at your own risk or bring it to an auto professional at repair shop. Thanks for watching.

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