Why I bought it the Duracell 500 Gasless Generator: Refrigerator
With summer coming, I needed something to power my home refrigerator I needed around a 500Wh capacity and 500-1000W higher pure sine inverter gasless generator ( ) that if the power went out during brown outs or utilities maintenance for it to last at least 7 hours during the day time. I also wanted a larger capacity battery for camping, or working remotely while on my gaming laptop to process video.

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I needed a larger pure sine inverter that can power 120v AC power constant 500 watts and peak at 1000W. I need the 1000W to power the refrigerator initial start up. Lastly, I wanted a gasless generator ( ) that can charge via solar about 200W from solar which allows this to charge up in about 4 hours (or about 8 hours with my 100w solar panel). It also has 3 AC outlets and a larger capacity. The Duracell 500 seems to be a great value by offering many of these features.

In order to charge the Duracell Powerblock 500 with my existing Costco MASSIMO 100W solar blanket ( ), I needed a iGreely 5.5mm x 2.1mm DC Female Power Plug Cable ( ) to connect to the Duracell 500. I also bought a iGreely Y-Adapter to connect two 100 watt blankets to the HPP connector ( ) . I have not tested it yet but will do so in the future.

I already own a Jackery Explorer 240 – Power Station ( ) which I use every other day to work on my laptop in my car, or to play my Xbox in my car when I am waiting or parking. I am able to work or play for about 2 to 3 hours using an energy efficient low powered work laptop or an Xbox One with a USB C powered 13 inch monitor.

However, The Jackery Explorer 240 – Power Station ( ) only has a 200 W pure sine inverter and my gaming laptop I want to use may use up to 210W during heavy rendering, which may be too much for the Jackery and would only last about 30-45 minutes. The Jackery Explorer 240 also has a limit of 65W charging solar charging, compared to the 200W charging on the Duracell. I will still keep my Jackery 240 for working in the car while parking.

Testing results:
This Duracell 500 can power my refrigerator for about 7 hours,
– Powers my gaming laptop to render videos for about 2 hours
– Powers my XBOX ONE for about 10-12 hours.
– Powers my Vornado 560 for serveral hours
– Powers my Vornado 360 high velocity fan for about 3 hours.
– Recharge fully on my porch in about 4-5 hours with 200W charge controller, 8-9 hours on my 100W solar panel. The 100W solar panel ( ) needs a 2.1 MM DC connector / High Powe Port (HPP) adapter to 5 MM adaptor to charge the Duracell 500. iGreely 5.5mm x 2.1mm DC Female Power Plug Cable ( )
– Best of all it only weights about 10-11 pounds and will be for the home emergency power outages and camping scenarios.

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