REVIEW: Bissell SPOT CLEAN PRO Carpet Cleaner – 6 Years later!

This is a six year review of the Bissell Spot Clean Professional ( ). This highly portable plugin carpet cleaner gives great results with its cleaning solution and by using Resolve Pet Expert ( ) and a kitchen scrub brush ( ) .

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After using this Bissell Spot Clean Professional ( ) for six years it has never let us down to quickly clean pet stains, food stains, and other stains off our white carpets and upholstery. The hose is still intact and the motors are fine. We clean the entire system after every use. Due to the compact size we bring it to detail our cars, but mostly to spot clean carpets after a party.

We found that while the Bissell cleaning solution ( ) works, we normally just our Bissell Spot Clean Pro to spray HOT TAP water and for water sucking power. There are other Bissell Spot Clean versions but the PRO is the best sucking power. For fast cleaning we use Resolve Pet Expert ( ) and a kitchen scrub brush ( ) .

Just follow the directions on the Resolve pet expert solution to treat the spot on the carpet. Let the solution sit for 4 minutes. Scrub the carpet. Then use the Bissell Spot Clean Pro to spray hot tap water and vacuum up the dirt from the carpet. You can also use hot tap water on a sprayer and a wet dry vacuum ( ) to suck up the dirt.

Overall, its been a good investment to have a carpet cleaner especially when you have a pet or light color carpet to spot clean. It only takes about 10 minutes to spot clean with great results.

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