Jetson BOLT PRO – EV Range – After a Week of Riding…

After owning the Costco Jetson Bolt Pro ( – Costco $299)for over a week. Here is my first full review video and EV range tests. My Youtube vlogs may have associated affiliate links to products that I may earn from qualifying purchases.

EV range was pretty consistent during the weeks worth of riding. I use the Bolt Pro to travel 2 miles to my local bakery or donut place for coffee in the morning. This has enabled me to go further and more often. When riding on flat pavement and only use throttle with out pedaling I get about 13-15 miles and charge every time after a ride.

This time I took my Jetson Bolt Pro to a parking lot and structure to test out the ev range on a incline. After running the motor up and down the parking structure, it has drained the battery much quicker. I must have rode around the incline about 6 times. It drained so fast that the battery indicator when from FULL to no lights. The bike slowly lost propulsion. I am so glad it had pedals to i can bike home.

For this video I am trying out new camera i purchased online. Its the Insta360 ONE R – Twin Edition camera ( ). Its also listed on my Amazon Store below.

The Jetson Bolt Pro ( – Costco $299) is great for camping and urban cruising. You just sit and use the electric motor to speed to 15 mph, pedaling is optional. You can set the it on cruise control to 15 mph simply by twisting the throttle all the way down and hitting the button to lock in the speed. If you pedal the motor automatically assists you to the maximum pedal speed of this bike 15 mph. Its compact and fun. Its not slow but its also not crazy fast. The 14 inch tires wide enough to be stable and comfortable to handle cracks and pavement. I believe its safer than a scooter. It weight 41 pounds which makes transporting it a bit of a pain since it doesn’t fold down small. Also, it may be too small for larger adults, you may need a longer seat stem – a visit to a local bike store will fix that. This is the perfect urban fun recreational bike.

For all my bicycles, I will equip them with the following:
Sterling W – Amazon Store :

Folding Bicycle Pedals:
This saves shins from being bruised. I also makes transporting and storage easy. Makes walking along side a bike convenient.  

No Screw / Strap Water Bottle Cage:
For bicycles with out bosses or screw mounts for water bottle cages. Strap-on or no-screw water bottle cages can be mounted on the bicycle seat stem or the front stem. I have one on my Vilano Atom as it does not have any bottle cage mounts.

Combination Cable Lock:
Lightweight but not very secure. Very useful if you are stopping for 5 minutes to get a coffee or soda. I have one for my bicycles and carry a U-Lock bike lock ( )if i need to stay longer than 20 minutes.

Bicycle Seat Wedge Bag:
Very convenient to store a extra bicycle tube, basic bike tools, keys, cell phone, or first aid during a bike ride. I have one for all my bikes. They even make them with water bottle holders now:

Bicycle Multi-Tool and Tire levers:
Very useful if something comes loose or if you get a flat tire and need to change a tire tube or patch a tire.

I wanted to buy this unique e-bike due to it’s small size and weight. It was a good Costco Find for $299. It was cheaper than importing one from China. I had bought other bicycles from Costco such as the NorthRock XC00 ( ) and some fast e-bikes from Amazon like the Vilano Atom folding e-bike ( )and created reviews and mod for them on my channel.

My Youtube vlogs may have associated affiliate links to products that I may earn from qualifying purchases.

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