Vilano ATOM Folding E-Bike: 3 Years Later… (LONG TERM REVIEW)

2017 VILANO Atom Long Term Review after 3 years of ownership. I bought this bike folding bike with its 20 inch tri-spoke wheels because it was lightweight for a electric bike. It was fairly inexpensive at $700. It’s made of aluminum and has a 250 watt hub motor and has a removable battery. The overall weight is about 40 pounds. Its a 18+ mph pedal assist (pedelec) electric bicycle.

I upgraded the original 2017 Vilano Atom to have a top speed of 24 mph. I updated the ebike freewheel from 14-30 to 11-30. There is significantly more pedal control over 25-35 kph speeds over the standard freewheel. i also upgraded the pedals to fold. I have put more than 700 miles on this e-bike with its original tires and battery.

For the price and value, it has been great owning the bike. I was afraid the batteries would fail after one year, however it has been quite stable. I still use it to travel 10 – 15 miles during lunch time and fun morning rides to the bakery.

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The stock Shimano 7 speed free had 14-30 teeth which on 20 inch tires had a top pedal speed of 13-15 MPH (20 kph). Swaping to a 11-30 teeth DNP Epoch Freewheel allows the top pedal speed to go to about 18 mph (30 kph). This helps as with the pedal assist is up to 24 mph (40 kph). This will allow for more control over the bike at the higher speeds. This bike is governed to assist to 24 mph, I am not changing that, i am just upgrading the freewheels so it better matches the higher speeds of this bike.

Dnp 11-30 t freewheel :
Adjustable Wrench:
Park Tool Freewheel Remover FR1.3:
Folding Bike Pedal:

When compared to the Jetson Bolt Pro ( – Costco $299) this bike is far more faster and more useful due to its folding size and overall speed. I am able to mount a fullsize rear bike rack for grocery runs and panniers. This is the perfect urban commuting and camping recreational bike.

For all my bicycles, I will equip them with the following:
Folding Bicycle Pedals:
This saves shins from being bruised. I also makes transporting and storage easy. Makes walking along side a bike convenient.

My Youtube vlogs may have associated affiliate links to products that I may earn from qualifying purchases.

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