DIY: How to Reset 2018+ Honda “Maintenance Minder” or “Service Due” after service. Honda Clarity

A quick video on how to resetting Honda “Maintenance Minder” or “Service Due” on 2018+ Honda Clarity, Accord, or Civic. I have just completed a A012 service on my 2018 Honda Clarity. It took me about 1 hour of work and saved me time and money from going to a dealership.

For the A012 Service i needed to service or replace the following:

  1. Change the Oil and Oil Filter:
  2. Change the Honda Clarity engine air filter.
  3. Change the Honda Clarity In cabin Air filter: ( )
  4. Rotate Tires
  5. Check the fluid levels and check the chassis for any issues

How to reset the Honda Maintenance Minder or Service Due notice :

  1. Go to the center infotainment screen
  2. Settings.
  3. Vehicle Settings.
  4. Maintenance Minder Information.
  5. Reset All.
  6. Confirm.
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