UNBOXING: Caraway Home Cookware 12 Piece – Nonstick Non-toxic Ceramic Cookware.

I got the CARAWAY Non Stick Ceramic 12 piece Cookware set ( https://amzn.to/3jMLpaG ) for the PINK Perraterra color, elegant design, and the BRAGGING RIGHTS. My other friends have been drooling over a set of these!

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I go through consumer non-stick pans and pots about 9 months to 12 months as their nonstick gets scratched and I usually have to discard them away or use them for something other than cooking food. I got the Caraway cookware to break this vicious cycle. I am hoping this set will last me a more than 3 years. From the box, it looks like its a year warranty.

The packaging that Amazon box sent this in was completely trashed, however the Caraway product box was so well designed it survived the shipping. The set came with a solid metal lids and an lid storage canvas door hanger with adhesive mounting hooks. More importunately, the Caraway design include pot holders to store the entire set on their side so the surfaces don’t get scratched. The box presentation was excellent.

Cooking with this pan is good with the ceramic non-stick. I still use a little oil or butter but much than my stainless steel pans and pots. All the cookware is pretty hefty. The Lids are a little heavy but functional. The handles are chrome and very elegant.

The lids all have a has protective film for the chrome finish which needs to be removed. I mistakenly thought the chrome was scuffed, but after peeling away the file, the finish was PERFECT.

Prior to using, I hand washed the pots , pans, and lids with dish soap and then used the cook ware to boil water. The water boiled in each vessel to remove any manufacturing debris or dust.

I LOVE CARAWAY Non Stick Ceramic 12 piece Cookware set ( https://amzn.to/3jMLpaG ) set as it looks warm and friendly. It bring a smile to my face using and looking at them. This set cooks amazingly well and is heavy.

Stuff in this video:
CARAWAY Non Stick Ceramic 12 piece Cookware set ( https://amzn.to/3jMLpaG )

Heats very quickly and effectively stores heat
Easy to clean surface
Large non-stick work area
Beautiful colors and finish.
Exclusive and modern style

Cost is on the high side for ceramic cookware.
Pans and lids are heavy.

Overall, I LOVE the CARAWAY Non Stick Ceramic 12 piece Cookware set ( https://amzn.to/3jMLpaG )

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