HOW TO: REPAIR Broken Umbrella Legs Using EPOXY!

Repairing is fun and helps keep useful stuff out of landfills. In this video i repair an REI super light travel umbrella. I troubleshoot and found out which part was broken and repair it with Devon 5 minute EPOXY waterproof glue ( ). If the plastic or fiberglass parts were to break, I use J-B Weld steel reinforced epoxy ( ) to fix broken parts

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Devon 5 minute epoxy ( ) is very versatile, waterproof, and is more of an adhesive glue to bond plastics, metal, wood, and fiberglass. Since the umbrella legs component original connection to the struts and rods broke, it needed to be glued back together. Super glue or hot glue would not be strong enough compared to 1500 PSI epoxy glue. It has a working time of 5 minutes and cures completely in one hour.

If one of the plastic component broke I would have used JB weld steel reinforced epoxy to reform major cracked parts as it can be formed.

Using Epoxy in general whether it be Devon 5 minute epoxy ( ) or J-B Weld ( ) is very easy:

  1. Just degrease all the parts with soap and water or denatured alcohol. 2. Use some disposable pieces of card board as a mixing surface, mixing stick, and a flat edged for clean up or leveling.
  2. Put equal parts of the Epoxy Resin and Hardener.
  3. Mix both parts until uniform.
  4. Apply to surface and clean up any run offs.
  5. Use the clean flat piece to give it a final level.
  6. Clean up and wash hands.
  7. Let cure for the time specified by the epoxy.

Overall, Devon 5 minute epoxy ( ) is very useful for many house hold and as water proof glue. I have it in my garage and tool box and go through a 8.5 oz bottles in about a year if i have a lot of repairs. You want to keep the hardener and resin capped and in a cool storage to avoid drying out.

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