REVIEW: DYSON DC07 Upright Vacuum – 18 Years Later…

We owned our Dyson DC07 ( ) for over 18 years, bought new at $399 dollars in 2003. We use it to vacuum about 1300 square feet of carpet every weekend. It still sucks up half of the bagless HEPA filter container every weekend.

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The Dyson DC07 has aged very well over the past 18 years with its industrial yellow and extremely durable motors, belts, and brushes. The engineering and design are great and itemless and extremely durable.

We normally do maintenance every year, however this year we noticed the rollers were full of hair and the pickup and waste volume was low. How to Clean: Vacuum Brush Roller for Dyson DC07 ( ) and other floor vacuums. If the vacuum brush roller does not pickup any surface debris such as hair, it must be maintained.

To fix this, you have to take off the lower cover of the floor roller and cut out all the hair tangled in the brushes. We used a utility knife to carefully cut the hair off the roller. You also need to dismantle the roller to get to the hair caught under the drive belt. It may take about 10-15 minutes but the difference is night and day. The with the vacuum brushes cleared it exposed the 1 centimeter of brush.

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