REVIEW: BONDIR – R2 ( Relieve + Recover ) Percussive Massager – (COSTCO $89)

I got this BONDIR – R2 Percussive Massager about 1 week ago and have been using it daily after my fitness workouts to loosen stiff muscles. It’s also sold online at for $89 , Amazon ( ) and I will do a quick unboxing and then go over the pros and cons of this unit.

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1. Best part is the extended handle for longer reach and more controlled for back muscle groups
2. Lighter than competitors at about 3 lbs.
3. USB C charging – NO big wall adaptor needed to lug around.
4. Comes with essential easy to clean attachments. The soft rubber heads are great for sensitive areas like the lower back and shins.

1. Only 3 speed settings -It starts pretty fast. It maybe easier to start at a slower speed to get used to it.
2. Almost lost the lower rubber cover, there should be a place to store it when using the extended handle.

Overall, it’s a great package with all the attachment heads needed and compact enough to keep in the car or gym bag. Small case can fit in the trunk or under the car seat. I bring it with me on my jogs and workouts. The extension handle makes this percussion massager more useful than other handhelds, so you can have better reach and control when using it by yourself.

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