Costco! TYPE S – 360 Dash Cam! REVIEW!

Here is my quick review of the new TYPE S – 360 degree Dash Cam! I got it from Costco for $159! There are other similar 360 Dash Cameras ( ) sold online for $200 or more. I finally had some time to test it out in my car. It has a single wide fisheye lens that captures around the car cabin. Btw, my Youtube vlogs and reviews may also have associated affiliate links to products that may earn from qualifying purchases.

My last video of this Type-S 360 dash cam unboxing, I guessed that the shared 1080p video will probably not be able to see every thing in detail except for capturing inside the car. From the recorded video I was right.

I connected the camera to my 12 volt and started to play with the settings and position on my windshield and was not able to get a good position to record myself for a driver and passenger camera and the front of the car. This was probably due to the rake and slope of my 2018 Honda Clarity Windshield. I had to place it directly above the driver side windshield to be able to see my face and small clipped angle of the road ahead. It also picked up the right and left sides of the car through the windshield and driver / passenger side windows. The rear windows were blocked by the seats and were too small to make out any detail. I have a diagram of the effective viewing areas in the video.

Overall, its a good package if you wanted to record the driver and passenger, and the 180 degree front end of the car. If you car has a very sloped and raked windshield you may not get to see very much as you need the camera lens to above what you want to capture.

The ideal use would be be a parking security camera if it was positioned in the center of the car looking out the windows for a break in. It has so much potential GPS installed. It includes a 12 volt hard wire to the dashcam for Park and Record mode using the car’s 12 volt battery. The direct hard wire also has a voltage drop protection to turn off the dash cam if the 12 voltage drops below 11.4 volts (according to the manual). It also has a 12 volt socket to 5v USB cable as well. The package also includes a 16 GB memory card , moreover it can take up to 128 GB microSD card.

I bought 2 cheap 26800 mah USB Type C charger ( ) batteries to run it by lithium battery pack rather than the car’s 12 volt battery. I wanted to run the security camera to record for 24-48 hours on two batteries. I also didnt want it to drain my car’s 12 volt battery, leaving me stuck in the parking lot.

The video quality of the camera was good for a security camera, but not enough Youtube or streaming video. The IR lighting during night mode was good if you wanted to get footage of you or your passenger face. This would be better for daily ride share drivers to record video of inside the car.

For a better front and rear dash cam setup, I have an AUKEY dual dashcam ( ) mounted on my windshield and on my rear window to record the front and rear of my car.

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