Honda Clarity Vlog – Tip#007: Check Engine Lights @ 11,000 miles – 12 Volt Reset!

Welcome Honda Clarity Tip and Vlog (RTwC) episode 007! I am at 11,053 miles and 7 months of ownership with my Honda Clarity PHEV. This morning I got Check Engine Light (CEL) and other systems sending alerts on my dash board. Brake system problem, Hill assist problem, Engine error, TMPS sensor problem and other issues popping up.
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I have full charge on my PHEV battery and a full tank of gas. The temperature was 74 degrees so it wasnt cold. I drove it around the block and the CEL light did not clear. So having to go to work, I opened the hood and disconnected the 12 volt battery for 5 minutes. With most cars this will reset or have the car’s computer clear some codes to recheck what was wrong. While under the hood, i checked the oil, brake, coolant, and windshield liquid levels. Everything was a good levels except the wind shield fluid ( ) which i added more. I closed the hood and drove the Honda Clarity around the block and the CEL lights cleared and never came back. UPDATE* It has not reappeared even after 200 miles of driving. If in doubt bring it to a Honda Dealer to check!

The Honda Clarity is a pretty great car with good designed an comfortable ride. I believe Honda programming my have its initial bugs as this was the first model year.
Among other things I will be driving her as a commuter care and a roadtrip car, as I got all weather mats for her ( ) which were great with all the road trips!

Clarity Accessory List:
( Disclaimer: My Youtube vlogs may also have associated affiliate links to products that may earn from qualifying purchases. )
DIY Cork Center mat:
Honda OEM Center mat:
Custom Clarity 3D All weather mats:
Front and Rear Dual Dash Cam:
Cell phone holder :
Uniden Radar Detector:

I will be creating more vlogs and blogs about my experience with I prep and go on road trips with her. RoadTripping with Claire!

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