UNBOX / REVIEW! Type-S Solar Wireless Car Backup Cam! $124

I just got the Type S Solar HD Wireless Car Backup Cam for $124! This is a good kit if you don’t want to splice wires and just want a plug and play solution.  There are other wireless backup cameras which use 12 volt power from a reverse light ( https://amzn.to/2OdiudB ), but this unit makes it even simpler for the DIYer!

It took only about 10 minutes to install. The frame backup camera took about 1 hour to fully charge with via a USB charge plug. The TypeS Solar Wireless Backup Cam uses solar to power the rear license plate camera! It has a battery and solar panel built in to the license plate!

The backup camera kit is activated by waving your hand at the monitor and by g-sensor (car movement) to wake up the camera. I noticed that the sun light hitting the sensors my impede the wave function.

Overall the image and video was good.  It took no time to install and use.  On my 2007 Honda Accord, the camera was a little high so i was not able to see my bumper.  There is no way to adjust the angle of the camera a steeper angle to see my bumper. I adjusted the guide lines to note that the red markings were about 1.5 feet from my car.  This camera setup would work better for my larger panel van.

Overall i am impressed by the ease of install and use. I hope they improve the next model to have a camera they can angle downward.

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