Manuka UMF 5+ Taste Different! Comvita vs. Melora vs. Wedderspoon!!!

I wanted to taste test and compare Manuka honey UMF 5+ of different brands to see if its any different from each other.  So i bought 2 jars of UMF 5+   Comvita UMF5+ and Melora UMF 5+  and compared them with Wedderspoon Kfactor16 and  Comvita UMF 15+ .   I was giddy to taste over $160 worth of Manuka honey and all its pollen and golden gritty flowery taste.  Manuka is a Tea Tree Flower.

Munuka Honey Compared in this  Video:

  1. Comvita Manuka UMF 5+ 35 oz  :
  2. Melora Manuka UMF 5+ 35 oz:
  3. Wedderspoon KFactor16 35oz: 
  4. Comvita Manuka UMF 15+ 8.8 oz:

Over I still love all four types, each are have subtle differences. I love the Comvita UMF15+ for the bite.  The Comvita UMF 5+ looked dried or dehydrated rather than that of honey, which was disappointing.  The Melora UMF 5+ was like liquid gold in smoothness and texture.  The Wedderspoon was right between the Comvita UMF 15+ and Melora UMF5+ in taste and texture and smoothness.

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