REVIEW: Kevlar Arm Protection Sleeves w/ Thumb Hole – FIT & CUT TEST!

I got a lot of cuts when working in the garden and when in the garage. I bought Kevlar Arm Protection Sleeves with Thumb Hole ( ) to test the fit and cut durability to review.

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So Kevlar Arm Protection Sleeves with Thumb Hole ( ) I bought were dark gray. The red skull logo was only on one of the sleeves. There are NO labels sewn on the sleeves indicating what the material was used. I am not sure if it really was Kevlar fiber. There are no care instructions either. Like other clothing and stuff I buy I love following care instructions. This one didnt have it so I am skeptical of the performance.

When new the fit very tight. They need to be washed a few times to loosen them. The knit on the yarn is like a sweater, so it breathes well after the knit loosens up. The new yarn and knit is slightly itch as it is a bit course.

Kevlar Arm Protection Sleeves with Thumb Hole ( ) are pretty durable. The knit will NOT STOP a sharp object from going in between the knit. A tip of a pen can easily stretch in-between the knit. That means a cat claws or rose bush thorns will also easily poke through the sleeve. For my test I used a sharp utility knife tip and it poked through it.

The protection sleeve and fiber is durable against sharp cuts and abrasion. I slashed the sharp utility knife against the sleeve several times and it held up. So while working on the garden it would offer some protection from cuts.
Will it stop a large knife slash, I am not sure I really dont want to test it and ruin my new work and gardening sleeves.

Overall, I would use this when working on the car or around sheet metal, while biking, around the garden, or when handling large dogs which light to jump on against my arm. It will protect my arm from general cuts and adds warmth while working in cold environments.

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Kevlar Arm Protection Sleeves with Thumb Hole ( )

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