How To: WATCH MOVIES while Parking – Large Display – No Tools Needed!

If you want to watch movies in a large screen in your car and dont want to modify your car, then this video is for you. I will be adding a 13.3 inch 1080P Monitor with USB C and HDMI ( ) onto my car. There are larger sizes displays ini 15 and 16 inches ( ) however I prefer the 13 is a good compact size can be placed in my laptop bag with my laptop as an external monitor when traveling.

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The Kogoda 13.3 Inch External Monitor ( ) is an IPS Full HD 1080P external laptop monitor . It has USB C inputs for late model smart phones and laptops to use as an external monitor. It has a mini HDMI input. Connection is fast and easy and starts up in less a few seconds. Simply connect the USB power and one of the signal cables.

Its powered by USB C 5 volt at 1.5 – 2A. It comes with a wall power supply, but many USB chargers can output 2A now and so can my car’s built in USB charge port. Getting a 12v socket charge port is easy I use a Anker car charger ( ).

It comes with a plastic cover and fold out stand. The cover is held by magnets so you may want to be careful when handling magnetic hard drives, credit cards, and other sensitive items.

I normally work in my car with my laptop or smart phone so if you are planning to use a bigger screen this is also helpful. You can ofcourse watch movies with this display. It is bright enough to use when the car is parked in the shade or in the sun.

Overall it has been a great addition to my car entertainment while parked. I just set it on my dash board and play a movie while waiting an hour for my car to charge or when waiting in the car. It doesnt require taking apart the car or voiding any warranties. It also uses very little energy so it doesnt impact my car battery much.

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Kogoda 13.3 Inch External Monitor, IPS Full HD 1080P – USB-C and HDMI ( )
Anker car charger ( )

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