REVIEW: Anker SoundCore Life Q30 VS. Sony WH1000mx3 – Active Noise Canceling

I bought the Anker SoundCore Life Q30 ( ) to compare against my Sony WH1000mx3 ( ) in comfort and noise cancelling. The Soundcore Life q30 are about $70-80 while the Sony WH1000mx3 or WH1000mx4 are over $250. Is it worth it? I compare it side by side.

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The SoundCore Life Q30 is very good in terms of noise cancelling, customization, and comfort. For the sub-$100 price tag, its affordable and offers the best bang for the dollar performance in noise cancelling. It has two microphones to pickup noise and filters noise during conference calls.

The ear pads are very comfortable. The metal band is visible on top and feels slightly more heavy duty than the Sony WH1000 MX3. The SoundCore Life Q30 has a transparency sound settings let you listen ambient sound. You will need the Sound Core app to unlock many advanced features of the Life Q30 including the three noise cancelling modes to remove Transport ( engine hum and low and mid tones), Indoor ( mid tones and talking), outdoor ( general noise cancelling) . I found that the Life Q30 did very well but was not able to completely block vent noise as well as the Sony WH1000mx3, however if you didn’t hear it side by side you would probably not notice it.

The sound quality is very good and clean, its slightly more bass than the Sony WH1000mx3 , but not overly annoying. You can also change the equalizer settings in the Sound Core app. Overall, it has very clean audio.

The controls were all push button except for the NFC and transparency touch switch on the right ear. The buttons were along the each side of the headphones and accessible by touch. I dont mind the push buttons and like it better than the gesture controls of my Sony as it took me several days to learn the correct gestures. But the buttons are easy to click. It also has a 3.5 mm TRS jack.

Telephone conference calls were clear as people on the other end were able to hear me clearly. They noted that the noise cancelling removed the background noise of the call. That was pretty surprising as my Sony WH1000mx3 is an open mic and every background noise is captured into the call. They did mention my voice was more choppy and high pitched than on the Sony.

Insta360 ONE R – Airpod mode works with the SoundCore Life Q30. It was able to sync and record my voice in mono to the Insta360. The sound quality was choppy and was not useable for vlogging. However its good to know it works. The Sony WH1000MX3 had clean audio going into the Insta360 ONE R.

There is also a Sleep Mode setting at has pre recorded ambient sounds of background noises (water running, rain fall, fan white noise, and others). I liked this feature a lot as it allow someone to play a soothing background sounds without having to subscribe to a music service.

Overall, I am impressed with the comfort, sound quality, noise cancelling quality, and ease of use of the SoundCore LIfe Q30. The voice recording of the call was the only drawback about the headphones as it was too tinny and sharp, and had some sound drops over bluetooth.

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