RTwC #04: How to check / replace Honda Clarity Engine Air Filter.

RoadTripping with Claire #04: How to replace Honda Clarity Engine Air Filter

I put about 8,000 miles in the past four months. The Honda service reminder finally told me it was past due by one day to bring Claire in for a A01 (oil and filter change and tire rotation). After having it serviced, my Honda dealer told me my air filters needed replacing as they were dirty. Ok… I held off and decided to see for myself at home. So i can make a DIY video on how to open and check the air box filter of the 2018 Honda Clarity. 🙂 My Youtube vlogs may have associated affiliate links to products that I may earn from qualifying purchases.

The air box is on the driver side and is held by two metal clips and two slide in plastic tabs. With the car off, open the hood , unlock the two metal clips, and wiggle and slide the top cover of the air box towards the engine to unhook the two plastic tabs. The Honda Clarity engine air filter part is Part # 17220-5WJ-A01 ( Amazon: https://amzn.to/2D2rOy9 ).

Seeing that my air filter is barely used due to the electric drive, I will change mine out in another 8k to 10 k miles, as hybrid engine is only used 30% of the miles I drive. I cleaned up the air box and picked off some leaves and bugs and replaced the filter back into the box and reversed the process to close up air box.

Overall Claire drives well and is very comfortable for road trips with more than two people. The only disadvantage is the small 7 gallon gas tank. I have to refuel 5 gallons when it hits quarter tanks or about every 170 miles.

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