DIY: Replacing my 3 year old UPS battery!!!

Small consumer Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) are sometimes user serviceable. For my UPS’s I replace the battery every 3-5 years.  My UPS will start beeping and alerting that the ” battery is low”  or will not hold charge.  Replacing the battery saves me from buying a new unit every 3 years.  Basically buying a $18 battery versus paying $60 to $80 for a new UPS.

But the newer UPS has many new features and functions.  For basic models it may be more cost more for the replacement battery than to buy a new unit.  Some UPS costs about $30 to $50 ( ) which is nearly the same cost buying a replacement battery would cost $20 to $25 dollars.   If your UPS failed in less than 2 years, it may be a bad design or failing electronics, so buying a new one would be a better choice if you can afford to.

I list out the simple instructions on the video.  Disclaimer : Do this at your own risk.  This is how I do mine. Your UPS may be different or non-service able.  In which case you should have it professionally repaired, serviced, or disposed of.

Basic Steps:
1. The battery goes bad every 3-5 years and will start alerting that it can not hold charge.
2. Check if the UPS is serviceable by the consumer.  Search the internet on the UPS model and if its worth it to repair or replace. If not bring it to a professional service or recycle and buy a new one.
3.  Unplug and turn off UPS.
4. If serviceable – the battery bay is usually accessible. Open the cover and slide the old battery out.
5. Confirm the battery model and type. Buy a new replacement battery.
6. After the new battery arrives, check if the batteries size and model match exactly.
7.  Remove the original battery and disconnect the negative (black) wire from the battery terminal. ( You should cover the battery terminal with electric tape to prevent short).
8. Disconnect the Positive (Red) cable from the battery terminal. ( You should cover the battery terminal with electric tape to prevent short).

Install the new battery.
9. Make sure the UPS unplugged and power off.
10. Remove the terminal cover off  Positive (Red) terminal of the new battery and replace with the UPS Positive (Red) cable.
11. Remove the terminal cover off  Negative (Black) terminal of the new battery and replace with the UPS Negative (Black) cable.
12. Slide new battery back into UPS and close cover.
13.  Follow the original instructions from the UPS to plugin and power on the unit.
14. The unit my take a few minutes to test itself and check the battery.   It may take a few hours to fully charge the new battery.
15.  Observe the UPS in the next few hours and days to make sure the battery and UPS is operational.
16. Recycle the old battery according to your local laws and recycling locations.
17. Done!

This is how i do it for entertainment, do so at your own risk or bring it to  repair or professional. Thanks for watching.
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