Costco! Weather Tech Trim to Fit 4 Piece Car Mats $29!!!

Costco has Weather Tech Trim to Fit 4 piece rubber floor mats on sale for $29!!!! Normally they are about $60. Amazon has it for about $50, however they also have other cut to fit brands to choose from     .

Overall I think these cut to fit mats have value, especially at the $29 price point. Seeing that my heavy rubber Costco mats I bought 10 years ago for about $18 for my Honda Civic Hybrid are still performing well, these Weather Techs should last quite a long time as well.  I think my original Costco rubber mats will  probably able to hold more water than the Weather Tech.

I personally love my lightweight custom Husky Liners Weather Beaters plastic liners I bought for my 2017 Chevy Volt, over heavy rubber mats as they are easy to clean, and protects the sides of my carpet with a 1 to 2 inch lip.   I got them on Amazon ( )for about $120, and love them!

See my review video here:  .

Thanks for watching and reading.

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