P95 vs P100 Respirator Mask – How I use them. Overview – Unboxing

With the Corona Virus scare in China, my local home improvement store is SOLD out of N95 and P95 disposable masks. However the half face professional P100 respirators are still available, so i bought the 3M Performance Respirator ( 62023H1 – https://amzn.to/38qu7Zt ) which includes 3M Half Facepiece 6200 ( https://amzn.to/37nMyg6 ) and 3M Cartridge filter organic vapor, acid gas/ P100 60923 (https://amzn.to/2Hiz3nt ) off the shelf for this unboxing video.

I also needed one as my last one lasted over 15 years with proper handling, cleaning and filter replacements. I thought about getting full face respirators which are sold online https://amzn.to/37kVRNW and can use RD 40 or 3M bayonet filters.

Disclaimer: For tech and safety specifics on respirators check with http://www.osha.gov or manufacturers such as 3M (www.3m.com) for info. For the Corona Virus i believe people should follow the Center for Disease control’s guidance. Here is CDC website on the Corona Virus ( https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/ ) . Btw, my Youtube vlogs and reviews may also have associated affiliate links to products that may earn from qualifying purchases.

The 3M Performance Respirator OV/AG/P100 ( 62023H1 ) for a $39 in the store, however similar ones are lower priced online ( https://amzn.to/38qu7Zt ) . This will be my second profession P100 Organic Vapor / AG respirator as the one its replacing is a RD40 canister type that I used for paint spray booth, photo development room, home renovation work, and during photo and air brush work 15 + years ago. The RD40 mask was heavier as the filter canisters were made of metal, and the filters needed changing every month depending on the work.

This new P100 respirator is much lighter in weight making it more comfortable for longer wear, compared to the models designed 15 years ago. Compared to a modern disposable P95 or N95 disposable respirator, the P100 professional half face mask is much heavier in weight and more difficult to use and breath through as it is more denser. It takes a few uses to accumulate the breathing and using a P100 filters medium and the weight of the professional respirator.

The advantage of a P100 performance respirator is the ability to clean an wash the face piece. With disposable P95 and P100, the filter may last 20-30 days but the mask may get very dirty with facial oils and dirt and you will need to dispose of it. With the rubber respirators you are about to take apart the face contact seal and wash it.

I do not like the filter bayonet mount compared to the easy of screw on RD 40mm mounts. I fear turning the bayonet mount too hard and damaging the tabs. The new filter cartridges are flatter, lighter, and less bulky compared to the canister style RD40 filters.

P100 Multipurpose Performance Respirator are very useful and will last years of use with filter changes after each month or projects. I mainly use it for home renovation, paint spray booth, photo film development, and during photo and air brush work.

I usually have 3 types of respirators for my hobbies:
N95 Respirator (default) for general to heavy duty wood work, sanding, home renovation work, DIY, heavy duty dusty gardening, emergency pack.
3M – N95 Personal Protective Equipment for Dust Particulate Respirators Model 8210 Plus, :

General Dental Clinic (Specific to close up work fixing cameras or watches – so i don’t accidentally get saliva on my projects. Not very comfortable but useful for these light projects.
Face Mask w/ Ear Loops:

P95 Respirator (Specific to painting and working with oil based sprays and liquids work in addition to high particle or dust work. Emergency packing for bugout scenario ).
3M – P95 – Personal Protective Equipment Particulate Respirator Model 8271, P95 : https://amzn.to/2Svxnfl

I try not to keep to many in stock due to the elastic head bands tend to lose elasticity or start breaking. I believe there is a shelf life for all these disposable masks and respirators

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