Northern California: Amazon 4-Star Store, Costco Chili and Hot Dog, Elk Grove Costco!!!

Hi guys!  I make a small road trip to northern California to visit the new Amazon 4-Star Store and Elk Grove Costco!  The drive from Los Angeles to Berkeley to Elk Grove took more than 8 hours starting from 3:30 AM.  The Interstate 5 had some road construction, however overall it was safe and uneventful. Btw, my Youtube vlogs and reviews may also have associated affiliate links to products that may earn from qualifying purchases.

I was able to see the heavy dust filled air caused by the recent wild fires in the center valley and northern California, especially in Berkeley, Sacramento, and  Elk Grove.  I brought my P95 respirator mask ( ). Which really helped breathing as my eyes and nose itched.   I heard from my friends who lived in Elk Grove and Berkeley that the local stores were out of stock.. 🙁  sad.  In Berkeley i was not able to see across the bay to San Francisco. Heck. I had issues seeing down more then 3 blocks.

Amazon 4 Star store was pretty packed with 4 star products and above. Prime members got a discounted price compared to non prime members.  So if you are a prime member you should visit.  The prime price is similar to the online price for many things in the store.

Costco Elk Grove was a very interesting store. They had the deli kiosk for the majority of food ordering which made it fast and convenient. I tried the $3.99  bowl of chili beans and chedder cheese and a Costco $1.50 hot dog for my day’s dinner. It was pretty good. In fact i just put the chili on my hotdog for a chili cheese dog!!!!. YUM!

The Costco in Elk Grove was pretty big and had many other products relating to  outdoors like Yeti coolers, hunting cameras, Pelican rifle cases ( ) , and lots of really large home decor.   I will post my finds later!

Thanks for watching and following me on my Costco and Chevy Volt Vlog adventures! Stay tuned! I will be posting more videos of my Costco finds soon!


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