NEW! Costco! ACAI Bowl $4.99 and ACAI Swirl 2.99!!!

Sweet Costco has  Acai Bowls ($4.99)and Acai Swirl ($2.99) deserts at the Deli!  This is at the Livermore Costco in northern California! Overall its a good value for something a bit more healthier than just nonfat fro yo.  Compared to going to the Farmers Market and some one making a fresh version with ripe bananas and fruits, it lacks on that taste factor. I prefer if they used fresh bananas or replaced the banana chips with honey and some whipped cream or a dab of froyo to smooth out the granola mix that would have been better. overall its a good alternative to just froyo.   Ofcourse they sell Acai bowls or puree on Amazon: 

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