Chevy Volt Vlog: Remote Not Detected – 38k miles 20 Months

Wow its been a total of 20 months and 38k miles of ownership!  My car remote FOB was running low on power and the proximity sensor did not open the doors immediately nor did it sense it after entering the car. You need to put the remote on the center storage bin at the designated spot  in order to power on the car and drive it. I drove it to Ikea and got new CR2032 batteries and switched it on the spot.  I will keep a spare in my car incase it runs out of energy but may buy a Maxell or Energizer cells .  I will post a how to video later on the Chevy Volt Vlog playlist.  Overall the car is good, I am looking at a Honda Clarity Plugin or Kia Niro Plugin as my next car so it should be fun test driving those cars.

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