How I give my fussy cat vitamins and calorie boosters…

My 7 year old outdoor cat love trying out new food and treats but gets bored of the flavors. When my vet told me that my cat needed to gain weight, my cat was initially excited to get new treats, but his excitement quickly waned and started not to eat the cat supplements and became a fussy cat.

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I found a way to mix his vitamins with his wet food in a interesting way. I bought different flavors of cat calorie booster including TOMLYN Nutri-Cal High Calorie-Nutritional Gel for Cats ( ) and Nutri-Vet Multi-Vite Multivitamin Paw Gel for Cats ( ) to increase his body weight to prep for the cold winter months.

My cat loved the taste of the Nutri-Vet Multi-Vite Multivitamin Paw Gel for Cats ( ) but hated that I dirtied his paw and fur with a gel. I was only able to do it once before he feared me coming close to him to pet him and surprise him with gel on his face or paw. So I had to figure out another way to interest him.

I bought a large variety Wellness CORE ( ) high quality high protein cat food which had different unique flavors that were different from his normal daily cat food. I also bought pate texture food so it can be easily mixed.

Other pate cat food such as Whiskas pate ( ) also works, however this his regular wet food so the would quickly find out and not eat the vitamins. I also rewarded him with grooming and brushing with the Furminator desheding tool for cats ( ) which helped him control his body temperature control and fur balls as it removed old matted dead fur.

Since the Wellness Core pate cat food was so different he did not notice the vitamin gel in his food. After about a week he was visibly more healthier and rounder – ready for the winter months ahead.

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