REVIEW: MOZA Mini P Gimbal 3 Axis Stabilizer – How to Setup and Calibrate, Use, and Pack away.

My most recent addition to my Vlogging gear is the Moza Mini P 3 axis gimbal stabilizer ( ) . My video shows how to setup, disassemble, and use the Moza Mini-P gimbal.

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The Moza Mini-P is very advanced and but simple to use for action cameras, small mirrorless cameras, smartphones, and small camcorders. It can handle cameras up to 900 g (1.9 pounds) in weight. For my larger cell phone i used a Ulanzi metal cell phone holder:

Setting up the Moza Mini-P had a difficult learning curve as the included instructions are printed so small its difficult to read. I relied on Youtube videos to learn how to calibrate the gimbal, but found it easier just trying it out. The setup was difficult the first time and took me about 10 minutes at first, not it takes me about 3 minutes to setup and calibrate.

I have been using it for over 2 weeks and on average use it for about 6 to 9 hours at a time, basically a day’s worth of video work – on and off. It is rated for 20 hours of and has a USB – C port for charging.

The Moza Mini P can be controlled with the Moza app to control special movement features, remote control of select compact cameras, and object tracking. For my purposes, I am using the Moza Mini P for smoother video footage during my travels and for product photography. So I will probably not use the special features until later. The gimbal stabilization works very well on my non-stabilized cameras and smartphones and has been reliable.

I comes with a nice foam case, however the gimbal, when folded down can be locked and placed in a smaller bag. I normally travel light and will wrap the camera and gimbal in a microfiber towel in my messenger bag when not in use. When transporting, it will fully disassemble and place it in its custom foam box.

Overall, this is the perfect addition to a vlogger’s toolbox for creating better video with lest post-production work. Especially, they are seriously considering vlogging and video work.

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