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I got UHF Wireless Microphone System ( https://amzn.to/35rIZYq ) Headset Mic / Lavalier Lapel Mic with Rechargeable transmitter and receiver for under $50. There are other rechargeable UHF microphone systems online ( https://amzn.to/38MMhI5 ), however this was less than $50 and it was also very small.

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The kit comes with USB rechargeable UHF wireless transmitter and receiver with 20 selectable channels and 20 levels of volume control. Most of the time you will need to use level 16 or higher as the included microphones are too week.

After using this for over 3 weeks, its best used for PA room speakers and sound reinforcement, at least the headset mic is. In fact, i got really clean audio using the included headset and if you keep it at about 2-3 inches from your mouth.

At first I got really bad audio because of two factors:

  1. One the mics were bad (replaced by the seller – thanks to them for being responsive).
  2. These microphones are all CARDIOID mics with only a 2-3 inch working distance.
    This would be good if I had public address room speakers to lower feedback loops and echoing.

However, if you are just recording on the other side of the room and wanted wireless microphones for your Youtube videos and need a really small form factor for the transmitter and receiver, this may be the kit for you especially at under the $50 dollar range.

The secret is to point the CARDIOID mics at your mouth and have it about 2-3 inches close to your mouth. The most useful is the headset mic and the handheld mic which you can position your mouth very close to the mic. The clip-on mic is pretty much worthless with low pickup volume and range.

I had a OMNI mic from another mic kit used it on this kit and got great audio from the transmitter and receiver. Overall the UHF transmitter and receiver works great and has a battery life of about 4.5 hours. If they included one Omni mic they would probably get better reviews. Overall I have used this for a few of my Youtube videos for a few weeks now and its been great being able to walk around record wirelessly.

The receiver unit is also very compact which is good if your are attaching this to your camera. I had it attached to my Insta360 One R and may Smart phone camera.

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