Honda Clarity: Switching to 17″ Wheels and Tires – Style, Specs, Winter tires, Cost & Weight

Honda Clarity switching from 18 inch to 17 inch wheels:
So if you are looking for winter or aftermarket wheels and tires for your 2018+ Honda Clarity this is the video for you. I have been searching various online tire retailers for 17 inch wheels for my 2018 Honda Clarity for a different look as well as for a second set for winter driving. Btw, my Youtube vlogs and reviews may also have associated affiliate links to products that may earn from qualifying purchases.

For the 2018 Honda Clarity, the original wheel size is 8Jx18 inch rims with +50mm offset and a 5×114.3 bolt pattern. The center bore of the hub is 64.1 mm. The overall tire wheel per tire is 53 lbs. I had my original 2008 Nissan Altima Coupe 3.5 – 17 inch OEM ENKEI wheel set in my garage. It has a 7.5Jx17 inch rim with +45mm offset, and 5×114.3 bolt pattern and a 66.1 mm center bore. It fits perfectly with hub – centric spacers with the 64.1mm wheel center bore to Nissan’s 66.1mm ( ). With the 215 / 55 R17 tires and 17 wheel the Nissan Altima wheel and tire weights 48 lbs – (5 lbs lighter than the 18 in. OEM). My coworker has a Tesla Model 3 with 235/45ZR18 98W 8.5Jx18 +40mm offset 5×114.3 that would have fit as well.

The 215 /55 R 17 tires ( ) are the same diameter with more side wall. than the OEM Michelin Energy Saver 235 / 45 R 18 tires ( ) . At 3900 miles, I hit a road imperfection and it ruined my sidewall of my Michelin Energy Saver causing it to destroy the tire. I had temporary spare, however i was only able to drive a 50 MPH and the TPMS was alerting. I now carry my full size spare and tools for longer road trips and my compact for everyday driving.

Tire Size Availability:
The local tire shop had one 235 / 45 R 18 sized tire available. It was not a low rolling resistant tire. 215 / 55 r 17 size was more common and with higher selection without special order. This makes it better to use for my road trips.

MPG / EV Range:
The Michelin Energy Saver 235 / 45 R 18 tires ( ) is one of the one of the most efficient LLR tires and gives me about 51 EV miles and 42 MPG for my Clarity. I also have it on my 2017 Chevy Volt. I expect with switching to 17 inch LLR tires, i should get more MPG and EV range with the slightly narrower tires.

Overall of tire purchases, 17 inch tires are about $30-50 less expensive per tire than 18 inch tires. For winter driving in the snow, BridgeStone Blizzak in for our 18 inch wheels ( ) costs about $50+ more per tire than the 17 inch wheels ( ) . So cost is another reason to switching to 17 inch wheel sets.

I will be driving with this setup for about 500 miles to see if there are more benefits to switching from 18 inch to 17 inch wheels. Tune in later for the results. Otherwise there are other DIY and videos on this channel and playlists about my 2018 Honda Clarity.

DIY: Honda Clarity
Compact Spare Tire:
Full size Spare Tire:
CORK Center Console Mat:
Lower Radiator Grill :
Deer Warning Whistles:

Oil Change:
Air filter Change:
Engine Air Filter Change:

Bought and installed on my 2018 Honda Clarity:
Honda Genuine Alloy Wheel Locks ( 08W42-SNA-100 ) :
Tire Pressure Monitor System (Solar) :

3D Maxpider custom floor mats online ( )
Dual Front / Rear Dash Cam:
Magnetic Cell phone holder :
Steering Wheel Cover:
Touch Screen Protector:

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