Stopping Drafts – Using Under Door Draft Stopper / Insulation / Seal to stop door drafts (Part 2)

To save on air condition costs and repair and lower heat bills, we needed to insulate our doors from drafts. In this video we replaced our aging under door draft seal sweep with a floating foam door draft stopper ( ) . This can installed in minutes to insulate sound, and wind drafts from another room. The more traditional method would be to use a door seal / sweep ( ). however our carpet and door was uneven and gets caught.

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In our previous video with replaced door seals with self adhesive Silicone Rubber Window Seal ( ) to stop draft from the top and sides of the door.

For our door, the bottom gap was too tall for the built in hardware to adjust. The under door sweep got caught with the carpet and prevented the door from opening fully. It was also getting old and needed replacement. The floating foam door draft stopper ( ) allow the door sweep to adjust to the carpet height to open the door.

To install, simply measure the length of the door and cut to fit. Then add the foam inserts, and peel off the adhesive backed hook and loom tape and attach it to the bottom of the door. A simple 5 minute job. Good for renters as it was not permanent with screws. It can also be removed for washing. Our old door sweep had 3M adhesive foam that needed to be removed. This took a longer time to remove. Does it work, yes. Does it look a little tacky, yes. But to keep the house warm in the winter and cold in the summer its worth it.

Items in this video:
Floating door draft stopper ( )
Door seal / sweep ( )
2 Inch Putty knife ( )
Rubbing alcohol 90% ( )
Scissors ( )

3M Automotive foam tape:

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