RoadTripping with Claire 005: Argh! Flat Tire – DIY : Compact Spare Tire for my 2018 Honda Clarity!

Welcome to Roadtripping with Claire (RTwC) episode 005! I am at 8100 miles and 4 months of ownership with my Honda Clarity PHEV…. and I got my first flat tire! Glad i have my new compact spare!

I just ordered a Compact Spare Tire a few weeks ago to replace my Full Size Tire ( see video here: ). Glad I did as I just got flat. It was easier to lug a 30 pound compact than the 50 pound spare. I got it cuz of space saving and weight savings. However, if i was traveling to the desert or remote areas i will probably still take the full size one to drive full speed rather at 40 mph.

The compact spare is from a 2008 Infiniti EX35. It is about 1 inch larger in diameter than the Clarity full-size tire. Using it today it rides fine and has plenty of clearance in the wheel well.

Parts List:
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  • Honda Jack Assembly and Tools:
  • D-Anchors (1000 lbs):
  • Toggle Bolts: I used some truck heavy duty 500-1000 lb toggle bolts from another project and heavy duty washers to anchor the D-anchors down. I was not able to find the exact model.
  • Ratcheting Tie Down Straps with Hooks (1,500 lb):
  • – a. Full Size – Spare Tire: 2008 Nissan Altima 3.5 Coupe Bolt pattern : 5×114.3 with P215/55R17 tire. I had a stock set in my garage from years ago. Otherwise it would have cost about $200 for a third party 17 inch rim and budget touring tire.
  • – b. Compact Spare Tire : Nissan 350Z / Infinity G35 / Infinite EX 35 compact spare The compact spares from Infinity G35 or Nissan 350Z will clear the large brakes on the Clarity. If you google the forums others have went this path. Used on Ebay would have been about $100 to $150. I already have a set of tires and rims and just used what i had. NOTE: The compact spare from my 2007 Accord and 2008 Civic were too small to fit the large Clarity brakes. I will be creating more vlogs and blogs about my experience with I prep and go on road trips with her. RoadTripping with Claire!

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