Which ALL-SEASON TIRES Should I Get? ($120-$170/tire) – Tire Rebates!

Hey guys, its been 48,000 miles on my 2017 Chevy Volt, and my Michelin Energy Savers A/S 91H  almost ready to be replaced within the next few months.  I saw that Costco and other tire shops have $70 rebates and also a $60 gift card deals for Michelin  a month ago, and now they have a $129 instant off on Bridgestone. With a couple of months i can do my research first before committing to this $700- 800 dollar purchase.  I didnt know this but Amazon actually sells tires too! ( https://amzn.to/2tJwrbJ  )

I was reading the online reviews and pricing installation costs  of  the Bridgestone, Michelin and Goodyear and came to a few conclusions:

  1. They all cost about $150-$170 a tire for my 2017 Chevy Volt with 17 inch wheels.
  2. Installation costs vary from $15 to $30 depending on the installer.  Hazard warranty costs another $10- $15.
  3. The warranties say 60k-75k miles but they rarely make it that long.  (My Energy Saver A/S probably will get me until Fall or another 8k miles.
  4. Many of the grand touring tires offer performance and durability, but may be soft on the fuel economy mpg.Ofcourse until i try it on my own car, I wouldnt know.   My 2008 Honda Civic hybrid got 40 MPG with OEM Dunlop  that lasted about 30k miles, while swapping to Michelin Defenders got 43 MPG and about 60k miles (80k was the projected tire wear).   If i put on the Michelin Energy Savers I may have gotten more than 43 MPG.  

On my Chevy Volt, I switched out one of the Michelin Energy Savers  due to a non-repairable flat.   See my  Chevy Volt Vlog #29.7: Flat not fixable. Replaced. Michelin Energy vs Premier 

Swaping to Michelin Premiere A/S 95V were good. This was at about 12,000 miles of ownership (6 months).  They were smooth rolling, quiet, and performed very well. It wore slightly quicker compared to the Energy Savers.  I put 36k miles an its already a couple of millimeters from the wear lines or about 60%+ used, versus my Energy savers are at 48k miles at 60% used.  I love the firmness of the side walls of the 95 extra load tires, which made my car more responsive on that wheel. Yes it was noticeable. Also the temperature handling and PSI increase was better on the Premiere A/S.

So with summer tire discounts i plan to buy 4 new tires to replace my Michelin Energy tires, which one should i get? Costco and other company will have more rebates in the future. Should i try the newer Michelin Touring X , Bridgestone Ecopia (fuel saving ), Bridgestone Turanza Serenity Plus, or the Michelin  Premiere A/S?   Let me know on the comments below and your experience with these tires.  Thanks!  

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