Costco! NEW! Food Court Self Service Kiosk!!!

I spend way too much time at Costco – whether its for tires, produce for the week, or just browsing for new products during lunch, its always a fun discovery.  Remember they used to have a Pizza Hotline to order your pizza while in line at Costco?  Well…today I found out that they made a Food Court Self Service Kiosk were you can just order your food after going through the registers.  I found it while checking out.  There was a really polite lady helping with the kiosk area in case any one had issues.  Overall it was simple, just pick the food items, put your credit card in and get a reciept to go to the food court for a pickup!  Sweet no long lines!  Any ways I hope they build more of these and ramp up the food court staff to handle the extra inflow of orders.

My special thanks to the folks working in the food service area! Its a really tough and fast paced job! I truly appreciated it as I eat at the food court probably 2 or 3 times a week if i didnt pack a lunch constructed of costco produce and other bulk food. 🙂 happy times!

Products used in this video:
Samsung S8 Unlocked Smart Phone:
Microphone: Blue Yeti USB Microphone – Silver

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