Costco! POO-POURRI Toilet Spray 3 pack 4 oz Bottles! $19!!!

Costco has POO-POURRI Toilet Spray in a three pack of 4 oz bottles for $19!!! Normally each 4 ounce bottle costs about $13 ( ) so this is an great value if you want to refill the smaller spray bottles, try it out, or leave it in a guest bathroom.

If you leave it in the guest bathroom, you may have to leave instructions.
PooPourri is sprayed inside the toilet bowl before a person poos to contain the odors under water surface.

Its a pretty amazing idea if you are at a friend’s house and dont want to stink up their bath room. Pretty interesting concept! Comes in Citrus, lavender vanilla, and royal flush scents.

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Costco! Haagen-Dazs Almond Ice Cream Bars 15 for $9!!!

Sweet!!! Costco has Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream bars on sale for $9  for 15 bars Normally they are about $13 and online its  very pricey at $45 if you want it shipped to you ( ) You may want to order other groceries while your at it with Amazon Fresh ( ) for more convenience and food shipped to your door.

Overall I ate 2 bars before getting to my car. they were creamy and tasty for a quick summer treat.

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