Costco! Bathroom Toilet Paper Rolls! Which one to Buy? $15-23!!!

Costco has 2 ply bathroom tissue paper on sale! The prices range from $15 to $23 dollars for 30+ rolls of toilet paper.  They carry Charmin, Kirkland, and Marathon brand toliet paper.  Believe it or not you can actually order toilet paper online (  ) if you wanted that convenience.

All the brands were 2- ply, however each had different quality of sheets.  I did a squeeze test on each brand in the video and found that some are denser than others. The brands with more heft were Kirkland ($15.99 for 30 rolls )and Marathon ($23 for 48 rolls). They had more sheets per roll 425 sheets and  470 sheets, respectively. The Charmin brand ($21 for 30 rolls) only had about 221 sheets per roll, making the Charmin brand costing more per sheet even with the coupon price.

So which brand of tissue paper do you buy?  Leave you comments below!

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