Costco! MIPOSAUR Robotic Dinosaur! $49!!!

Costco has the Wowwee MIPOSAUR Robotic Dinosaur for $49! This robotic dinosaur is about $99 online : ( )

This robotic pet dinosaur reacts to hand gesture command and displays different moods depending on play. You can also use the tracking ball as a control to have it follow you. You can control Miposaur with a smart phone app as well.

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Costco! Learning Journey Stack & Spin Gears MEGA SET!

Costco has the Learning Journey Techno Stack & Spin Gears MEGA SET! for under $20!  Other Learning Journey Techno Gear play sets are available online:

This is a pretty good deal considering each set has 60+ pieces!  Normally each set is about $30 or more!

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