Freewheel Removers tools compared: Park Tool FR1.3 vs DNP

Finally got my Park Tool FR 1.3 Freewheel removal tool. I am goin to replace the 14-32t Shimano Freewheel that came with my cheap E-Bike and put on a DNP 11 – 30 t freewheel. I compare the DNP freewheel remover with the Park Tool FR1.3

Equipment in this video:
The Vilano Atom e-bike in this video:  
Dnp 11-30 t freewheel :
Dnp Epoch freewheel remover:
Park Tool Freewheel Remover FR1.3:

Upgraded my Vilano Atom E-bike to pedal a little faster…

I got my compact 20 inch tire electric folding  Vilano Atom from Amazon ( ). Its a relatively inexpensive electric bike with magnesium wheels and a 350 watt hub motor. Its original Shimano freewheel (14-30 teeth) was had a very large high gear which limited the maximum pedal  speed. I upgraded it to a 11-32 teeth DNP freewheel ( for a 25% increase in top speed.  This electric bike can already accelerate to 24 mph with the electric assist to keep up with full size 26 inch bikes. You will need a Park Tool FRS 1.3 Freewheel tool to remove the old freewheel. Do not buy the DNP freewheel tool.. it doesnt always fit. I wasted 1 week after getting the tool only to realize it does not fit. See my video when i compare the two removers: