Costco! SodaStream Fizzi – Sparkling Water Machine with Carbonator! $59!!!

Costco has the SodaStream Fizzi – Sparkling Water Machine with the Carbonator for $59!!! Normally this kit ( ) costs about $100 online.  So this is a good value if you want to make your own custom sparkling carbonated water or dont like lugging bottled store bought cases of carbonated water.  Also if you like fresh carbonated soda rather than flat soda, this machine is for you.

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Costco! Kirkland Mens SoftShell Jacket! $19!!!

Costco has this year’s release of new softshell jackets with new colors!  Still at an amazing price of $19.99!  There are other soft shell jackets online ( ) but cant really compare to the value of the Kirkland softshell jacket.

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Costco! Organic Dried Mangoes! ( unsweetened and unsulfured) $15.99!!!

Costco has Organic Dried Mangoes for $15.99!!! They carry them online ( ).  The good thing about these organic dried mango is that they dont add more sugar and preservatives like sulfur.

Normally i buy the Phillippine Brand Dried Mangoes ( ) but decided to try these. They are still quite sweet, but not overly sweet like other dried mangoes.

I didnt get a chance to buy the Nutty and Fruity Chilli Mango ( ) but will probably do so before the season ends.

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Costco! Twin over Full Bunk Bed (Bayside Furnishing)! $599!!!

Costco has the Bayside Furnishings Twin over Full Bunk Bed for $599!  Its a good value considering the wood quality.  There are other twin over full bunkbeds online: .  The higher build quality is good for a guest room for a couple and child to spend the weekend.

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Costco! Dry Cat Food – 3 Types! Nature Domain, Maintenance Cat, & Nutra Nugget Cat Food

So I was visiting Gilroy Costco and found out they have 3 types of dry cat food:  Kirkland Maintenance (Chicken and Rice –  ), Nature’s Domain (Salmon and Potato – ) and Nutra Nuggets .  Respectively the costs were $18 for 20 lbs, $18 for 18 lbs, and $9 for 20 lbs.  They had the Natures Domain on sale with a $4 coupon price.

I picked up 3 bags of the Natures Domain since i havent see them on sale for a while.  I am hoping my cat likes it otherwise i need to return it.

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Kit Kat Wasabi and Black Tea! Unboxing and Review

A coworker brought in some Wasabi flavored Kit Kat. I do a quick unboxing and review on this mildly spicy kit kat along with Black tea Kit Kat.  They sell imported Kit Kat online: ( ) if you want to taste it.

I found that both the Wasabi and Black Tea Kit Kat were really mild and just hinted at the flavor.

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Costco! Scepter 5.3 Gallon Gas Can! $9!!!

Costco has Scepter 5.3 gallon gas can that normally sells for $12, on clearance for  $9.  There are other 5 gallon gas can on sale online: ( ).   I needed a new gas tank as my other 5 gallon gas can started to leak after the cap gasket tore.  I owned my other 5 gallon gas cans for about 5 years.

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Costco! Adidas Mens Performance Climalite Quarter Socks! 4 PK $9!!!

Nice! Costco has the Adidas Men’s Performance Climalite Quarter Socks in a four pack for $9.99!!!  I love the blue ones!  They normally cost about $15- $19 online ( ).   I wanted to these to replace my Kirkland and Goldtoe collection of dress socks to improve compression and arch support and temperature control.  Overall they feel good and the quarter length makes it quicker to put on my socks versus my dress socks.
Costco also carries the low cut socks too for $12 for 6 pairs.  I will review these socks and report back in a couple of months about their durability.

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DIY: Pet Stainless Steel Water Dispenser / Fountain with 2 Liter bottle!!!

Last week my pet water dispenser / fountain broke.  Winky my cat was playing with the water and knocked it off the porch. I needed a to go on weekend trip and needed to make a temporary water dispenser for my cat.

I was in search of a new water fountain and found several online ( ) that were good but were made of plastic. I liked my Daiso water dispenser as it used 1.5 liter tea beverage bottle that i can recycle and replace every couple of months if needed.  Alas, i was not able to find the water dispenser base.  I wanted a stainless steel base dispenser for ease of cleaning and durability ( ), however they were pricey and i didnt want to invert a bottle to refill.

My solution: DIY a stainless steel water fountain with a 2 liter bottle as a reservoir!   I bought a large stainless steel pet food bowl ( ) and got recently finished 2 liter bottle of ginger ale soda with cap ( ).

Using a plastic cup to experiment, I cut a small triangle on the bottom to test the concept of using gravity pressure feed for the water dispenser. It worked. So I used a utility knife and scissors to cut a 1/2 inch (1 centimeter ) tall triangle 2 inches from the base of the bottle.  The tip of the triangle will be upper limit of the water level you want for the water bowl.  To fill the bottle, i place my finger over the triangle to stop water from draining. Uncap the top and fill the bottle.  Replace the cap.  I then place the bottle into the large bowl. It will drain until it reaches the top of the triangle and stop.

Simple  temporary solution to buying something more complex to supply 2 days of water to my cat.  The 2 liter bottle was a good size as it was not heavy to carry and handle.  It was also recyclable.

I hope this DIY was useful and will probably create a cleaner version of this water dispenser.  Anyways please like subscribe and stayed tuned for more DIYs and other pet stuff.

This is for video is for  entertainment, do so at your own risk or just buy a pet water fountain from a pet store.  I only needed this as it was a temporary fix. My neighbors fed and watered my cat when i was away.

Thanks for watching.

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