REVIEW Crown Majestic Automatic Pet Feeder (3 YEAR REVIEW)

We got the Crown Majestic Auto Pet Feeder ( ) a few years ago for weekend feeding of two cats. This is a quick review after 3 years of occasional weekend use. My Youtube vlogs may also have associated affiliate links to products that may earn from qualifying purchases.

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We used this basic automatic feeder on weekends and holidays when we cant get a friend to help feed the cats or dog. It holds more than 3 pounds of dry food pellets. It has time date, 4 meal timing settings. Each meal setting is can be set with up to dispense from 1 to 8 units. Each unit will equal to 1/4 cup. So 8 units will pretty much fill the entire basin.

It comes with a AC adaptor, however you can use 4 AA batteries ( ) in case the power goes out. If the unit loses power, all memory and settings are reset.
The dispenser plays a personal recording when it dispenses. The recording is horrible and sounds like a bad cb radio.

PROS: It works and i still use it.
CONS: Its dispenses a LOT of food. Smart cats can grab kibble from the hopper. Smart pets can overturn device and take food. The voice recording is horrible. Water reservoir is too small. Make one instead: DIY Pet Water Dispenser:

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DIY Gravity Pet Feeder for my Working Cat!

My parents made me a gravity pet feeder for my outdoor cat. Its basically a DIY with a wooden box and a juice bottle mounted to the backboard. The cat food is held up by a ping pong ball. They taught my cat how to get cat kibble! NEATO!!!
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