Costco Run – Japanese Wagyu $99 / LB , Shrimp $11/lb , Avocados $3.99, Cuties $4.29, Cookie Dough

Interesting Costco Run – Wagyu beef, Shrimp, Avocados, Cuties, and Cookie Dough. Btw, my Youtube vlogs and reviews may also have associated affiliate links to products that may earn from qualifying purchases. For more gift ideas, visit my SterlingW Amazon Store:

Costco now has Japanese A5 Grade New York Steak Cut Wagyu Beef on sale for $99 / LB. it was sold in a two pound package so its about $200+ per pack. I didn’t buy it cuz of the cost and I wouldn’t know how to cook it properly I love the beautiful marbled fat (YUM). I also found Wagyu beef is also sold online for almost $200-300/lb : . I could not afford that level of luxury so i got $14/lb Ribeye Steaks ( instead.

I also got 2 lbs of frozen Shrimp $11/lb ( ), a few bags of Avocados $3.99 ( ) , Cuties Mandarin oranges $4.29 ( ) , and a package of Pillsbury Ready To Bake Chocolate Chip Cookie dough ( ) .

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Costco! “Shabu Shabu” Thin Sliced USDA Choice Ribeye Steak! $10.99/lb!!!

Wow, this is super convenient for shabu shabu!  If you have a large hot pot party with friends this will make the prep work much easier!  Perfect for winter or summer time get togethers!   Shabu Shabu Hot pots and electric hot pots: 

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