EASY DIY: Replacing Honda Fender Liner Clips! 7.4 mm Nylon Rivets Needed!

My 2007 Honda Accord fender liners falling off and were making a gap.
It was missing 8 fender liner clips. I wanted to fix this before the liners fall off.My Youtube vlogs may have associated affiliate links to products that I may earn from qualifying purchases.

Not sure if they were missing when I bought the car, but I went ahead and ordered a box of assorted nylon push fasteners and rivets: https://amzn.to/2H1KDUz – they were about $17 dollars or so a whole box of push rivets and it came with trim tools. These were not Honda nylon rivets, as OEM has metal elements in the rivets. They seem a bit fragile but should work. I don’t know if they will last. I needed 7.5 mm rivets for the fender liner. The package had 20 of them. It would have cost about $2 or per rivet at the dealer… 🙁
It only took about 6 minutes but it beats the liner falling off on the road!

For my 2007 Honda Accord, I don’t drive it as much due to my other hybrid vehicles. I keep the battery charged and maintained with a Battery Tender 3 amp ( https://amzn.to/2Lp1CUZ ). I charge it every month, as I want to keep the 12 volt battery from dying.

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