Costco! Star Wars 12 Inch Figurines Epic Rivals – 6 Pack! $29!!!

Costco has Star Wars 12 Inch Figurines Epic Rivals with  6 figurines for $29! There are more varieties of Star Wars 12 inch figurines online: ( ) . The  figures dont look to scale compared to the movie. I think Darth Vader is

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Costco! LEGO X-Wing Starfighter! $64!!!

Costco has the  LEGO X-Wing Starfighter for $64!!! AWESOME!!!!
They have the Legos X-Wing Star fighter and other varieties online: ( ) .  Including the Resistance X Wing Starfigher and Poe’s Black  X-Wing Starfighter.

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Costco! LEGO CLASSIC BRICKS! 1,500 Pieces!!! $39!!!

AWESOME! Costco has a box of LEGO CLASSIC BRICKS!  Total of  1,500 LEGO Pieces for $39!!! There are other assorted Lego Classic bricks on sale: ( ).  Normally this set costs about $60, so this is a good value!  I took photos of the various sides for the brick inventory.

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