NEW! ASMR Persimmon Cake and Lemon Mint Tea! Whispers, Eating, Tingles, and MukBang

NEW! ASMR Persimmon Cake and Lemon Mint Tea! Whispers, Eating, Tingles, and MukBang!!! Relax and tingle with this new relaxing ASMR video featuring eating and chewing this delicious persimmon cake and Lemon mint tea triggers to stimulate your mind and ears!

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Samsung S8 Unlocked Smart Phone:
Microphone: Blue Yeti USB Microphone – Silver
Smart phone Tripod Mount with Cold Shoe Mount and Arca-Style Quick Release Plate:

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HONEY! Persimmon Honey from OTOW Farm!

i love visiting local farm stands and farms who sell their own honey especially those who have honey bee hives in their orchards. i usually like Otow farms because of their persimmons and dried persimmons which is their speciality. they actually ship nationally. i usually get their dried persimmons but today i also got a bottle of their farm honey. Tasty. super friendly people. its a really small farm store but its just pure and nice.

Their website:

Or you can get manuka honey see video here:
or buy: