REVIEW: Costco Sunbeam Heated Blanket – 4 YEARS LATER… Queen Size

We had our Costco Sunbeam Heated Blanket Queen Size ( ) for over four years now. We bought it at Costco . Its runs great and helps lower energy bills during cold season. This is a four year long term review.

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After four years, Sunbeam Heated Blanket Queen Size ( ) still heats very quickly and evenly. We use it during the fall, winter, and sometimes spring time when it gets cold during the night. We leave the wiring on the bed and unplug the blanket for storage during the off season

Sunbeam Heated Blanket Queen Size ( ) has a dual lighted controls. We love the dual controls that heat both sides of the bed to different levels. Also the PreHeat function is a great feature to make the bed warm before we sleep. The velvet microplush is very comfortable and soft, even after several years of washes.

Stuff in this video:
Sunbeam Heated Blanket Queen Size ( )

Heats very well, even after 4 years.
Washable blanket with removable electric plug and wiring.
Dual lighted controls for both sides of the bed.
Auto off after 10 hours.
Pre heat function is great.

None – pretty good durable design.

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